Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Eggs!

Paper mache eggs I discovered how to do online, more fun to paint then to create. 

Look what Sam found!  The kids have LOVED finding and hiding plastic eggs around the playground!  This never gets old apparently.  The Friday before Easter Max hid the eggs for the kids to find and ever since then the eggs seem to be part of the playground.  I love watching the older children help their younger friends find eggs; it's very sweet.  

 Seed catalogs seem to arrive every day and what beautiful photos they have in them!  Perfect for spring flower collages.  This craft was simple and quick to pull together:
flower pictures to cut out
a marker to draw stems and leaves with
glue sticks
and a big piece of paper
When these beauties are finished I plan to mat them and hang them at our new school!

PEACE friends,

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