Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Print Making

Styrofoam meat trays re-purposed.

Today we began making prints.  The children really enjoyed this art~full process. 
The trick was getting them to stop before repositioning the stamps.  If their print didn't look as they thought it should when they lifted the stamp the first time, they would press it down again and the result would be smudges and some sad faces.  This process is much like Montessori practical life pouring exercises.  Stopping when the glass is full, not when the pitcher is empty. It is often through our mistakes we learn. 

The prints came out wonderfully.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome Eamon!

 Joining us mid-year is a new friend.  Please join me in welcoming our new friend and his family to Helping Hands Family School. 
This handsome little guy lives with his family on a cow farm! He enjoys being outdoors, tools and the jobs they do, and spending time with his big sister.
We are so happy to welcome Eamon and his family to our school community.
The children are all a flutter this week preparing for Valentine's Tea Party on Friday Feb. 17th at 10am.  Invitations have been sent, mailboxes decorated and today place-mats were painted!
In addition the crafty preparations we have also been practicing a new song to share with our special guests.
To close this post, I would like to thank all of you parents for signing up for parent teacher conferences!  Meeting with you all this week has been a wonderful experience.  It's no surprise why we enjoy your kids so much, you are amazing people.  Thank you for choosing Helping Hands. 
In PEACE and with LOVE,