Thursday, February 10, 2011


Honestly, there are no perfect words to describe how I feel. Yoga simply BELONGS in preschool waiting and listening....

Cow pose

rest and guided meditation...
If your child doesn't usually come on Wednesdays and you want to participate in yoga,
please join us.
Wednesdays 10am to 11:am.
Thank you Lily and Lynnett from Yokids for all you do and ARE.
Nameste ~Jennifer
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  1. so sweet! I wish my 4 yr old child could join... he's not enrolled in your school but I am a Yoga instructor myself, and the only way he participates is with other people :)

  2. In our school, the helper of the day gets to choose several poses for us to do at the start of circle time to transition to quiet listening. I can see from your pic here your kiddos also like to moo for the cow pose. May I presume meow, woof, sssss, cooooo are part of your routine as well? I tell them yoga always has to include 3 deep breaths to "make your brain smarter while you make your body stronger". On the exhale they love to do "gentle" animal sounds so your pics made me smile. Over on sew liberated you can download free pictures of yoga poses (thank you Meg!!). I have these set up as a "work" in my class and find it is great when children are "wandering" or need some movement during work time.