Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peace Makers 2012-2013

 This year we will introduce a different famous peacemaker each month.  September: John Chapman  October: Dr. Maria Montessori
November: Fred Rogers     December: Sadako Sasaki
January: Martin Luther King Jr.       February: Samantha Smith
March:  The Dalai Lama    April: Helen Keller 
May: Rachel Carson     
When our school day comes to an end we sing the following song:
"Go now in PEACE, Go now in PEACE, May the spirit of LOVE surround you, everywhere, everywhere you may go."

Off to a Great Start!

It's time for apple prints and  making new friends,
 some love for our pet bunny Poppy,
 and sunshine smiles from our youngest student:
I hope it is obvious that we are off to a wonderful start to our school year.  Upcoming dates to remember:
Friday October 26th will be our first Family Potluck 4-6pm.
And soon it will be time for our third annual Dress-Up Parade on October 31st.  Remember all are welcome and cameras are a must bring!   See you then.