Thursday, February 10, 2011

We LOVE Snow!

From last week....

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Honestly, there are no perfect words to describe how I feel. Yoga simply BELONGS in preschool waiting and listening....

Cow pose

rest and guided meditation...
If your child doesn't usually come on Wednesdays and you want to participate in yoga,
please join us.
Wednesdays 10am to 11:am.
Thank you Lily and Lynnett from Yokids for all you do and ARE.
Nameste ~Jennifer
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Did you know?

Child Care Tax Credits
There are tax credits at the federal and state level that can benefit your families.
Families who are eligible for the Federal Earned Income Tax
Credit can reduce the amount of taxes owed or even get a refund which can be
used to pay child care expenses. Families may also qualify for a tax credit
through the Maine Dependent Care State Tax Credit. Maine taxpayers who enroll
their child or children in a program with a Quality Certificate of Step 4
could also receive a double tax credit, if eligible.
FMI please go to:

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine’s Day
In celebration of Valentine’s Day here at Helping Hands Family School, each child will pick a name of a classmate (from a basket) then they will be invited to decorate
a Valentine Sugar Cookie for that friend.  

If you would like to make Valentine cards at home with your child for the class please feel free, this is NOT a requirement.
 However, if your child does bring Valentines to school we request:

·       That you refrain from store bought valentine with violent motifs (ones that show weapons). 

·       That you encourage your child to participate in picking out or addressing their valentines (writing their friends’ names)

·       That you include one for every child in the class on the day they bring them.

                                          Have fun everyone!
 Children’s names:
Alanna (W & F)
Amelia (M & W)
Barlow (M W F)
Brynn (M W Th F)
Drew K (T/Th)
Drew J (M W F)
Emmet (M W)
Esme (T/Th)
Jack (5 day)
Katy (M W F)
Lucas (Th)
Madeline (M W F)
Marley (M T W Th)
Oliver (M T Th F)
Quinn (T & F)
Rosabella (T/Th)
Rosie (M T W Th)
Sam (T/Th)
Sam (T/Th)
Story (M W F)

Teacher’s Names:
Jennifer (5 day) and Miss Jenn (5 day)
Mallory (W),  
Ian (T Th & F)
& Janie (M)