Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine’s Day
In celebration of Valentine’s Day here at Helping Hands Family School, each child will pick a name of a classmate (from a basket) then they will be invited to decorate
a Valentine Sugar Cookie for that friend.  

If you would like to make Valentine cards at home with your child for the class please feel free, this is NOT a requirement.
 However, if your child does bring Valentines to school we request:

·       That you refrain from store bought valentine with violent motifs (ones that show weapons). 

·       That you encourage your child to participate in picking out or addressing their valentines (writing their friends’ names)

·       That you include one for every child in the class on the day they bring them.

                                          Have fun everyone!
 Children’s names:
Alanna (W & F)
Amelia (M & W)
Barlow (M W F)
Brynn (M W Th F)
Drew K (T/Th)
Drew J (M W F)
Emmet (M W)
Esme (T/Th)
Jack (5 day)
Katy (M W F)
Lucas (Th)
Madeline (M W F)
Marley (M T W Th)
Oliver (M T Th F)
Quinn (T & F)
Rosabella (T/Th)
Rosie (M T W Th)
Sam (T/Th)
Sam (T/Th)
Story (M W F)

Teacher’s Names:
Jennifer (5 day) and Miss Jenn (5 day)
Mallory (W),  
Ian (T Th & F)
& Janie (M)

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