Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Day Celebrations!

If your child was here at school yesterday (Friday April 29th) then you know about one of my favorite days of the year: May Day!
Yesterday we made May Day baskets and cut flowers to put in them.  Your work as parents is to continue with the plan when you return home....I'm quit sure your preschoolers will NOT let you forget!
The way it works is your child hangs their May basket on the door knob of a neighbor or friend, rings the doorbell and runs and hides.  We play acted this out at school yesterday and the kiddos were very excited to participate with you all at home.
To make a May Basket of your own:
Cut a large paper circle in half, use the half circle to form a cone shape (overlapping the straight side of the cut circle) next staple or glue your edges together, attach a handle by either again stapling or gluing or punch holes and thread a piece of string, ribbon or a pipe cleaner through to create a handle.  To see how click here:
May Day basket making

In a past Montessori Mama post I created a list of ways to enjoy May Day.  I thought you might like reading them.  Just click on the words: May Day Celebration List and it should open up.   

Enjoy your May Day friends, especially you Barlow!  Happy Birthday Little Guy.

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