Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Every Way You Look At It

Some days go by faster than others, don't they? In some ways I feel like the past week or so has been flying by and I keep trying to catch up. With my right-hand woman Jenn out, I will say I'm a bit thrown off. Change, although challenging at times, can be good too. It's great to see Ian in the classroom again. Out of all the teachers I've known in my life, he has taught me the most.

In the photo collage above, there is a blurry photo of my oldest son Nathan playing guitar for the children. He was reluctant at first but I think he enjoyed himself when all was said and done, and I know the kids did too. In the bottom left photo Ian is asking Lucas about his teeth; are they sharp and jagged like the T-Rex had or even like a plant eater had?

I hope it has not caused too much chaos in your homes, with all these small dinosaurs running and roaring about! We are all continuing to have fun learning about the big creatures that once roamed the earth. More to follow!
PEACE friends,
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