Monday, December 20, 2010

Let's Read a Book

Did you know? Jillian, Madeline's mom, is an aspiring children's book author and illustrator. Here are some photos from the day she visited Helping Hands to share her book, The Little Onion, with the children. Jillian's book was beautiful to look at, full of colorful cut paper images. The children enjoyed the pictures and the story, sitting quietly while Jillian shared the words she had lovingly written.
The story is about a sensitive little girl who often cries. In the story the grandfather affectionately calls the girl, his "little onion".
The book explores the many ways we learn to express ourselves and how tears can hold more meaning than sadness.

I think it is a story that all children would enjoy and I hope Jillian's dream of having it published comes true!
Thank you Jillian for sharing your special treasure with all of us. I encourage you to never give up, this book is meant to be shared with children all over the world. From one "onion" to another, thank you for writing this book. Best of luck!
And to Madeline: Thank you for sharing your Mommy with all your friends :)
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