Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Counting Bells

 Here is a quick addition game you can create in your home.  Begin with 10 bells.  Count the TOTAL number out with your child, touching each bell.  Say,
"We have 10 bells."
The piece of yarn represents the word "plus" it is stretched out straight. The basket of objects (in this case jingle bells) is dumped over the yarn line.  Some of the bells fall on one side, some fall on the other side.  The child then counts the bells on each side of the line. 
Once the bells have been counted more math language is provided by the adult.
For example:
"five bells PLUS five bells EQUALS........."  wait for it........" 10 bells!" the child will usually say.  If the answer is still a mystery, no worries, simply move the yarn line away and count ALL the bells again.  
For a younger child the dumping of the basket of bells is the most important part ;)
For an older child finding out the "Many ways to make 10" is the objective.
"How many ways can we make 10?"
Once your child is VERY comfortable with this work, introduce recording of the answers.  I'd be happy to provide you with the paper we use here at school. ______ + _______ = ________.
Happy Counting!

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