Thursday, September 16, 2010

Barb's Garden

I've been working on a mural I plan to paint this weekend in the yellow classroom. I'm so excited. I love to create things and I love flowers. This weekend I will get to pay tribute to the previous resident of 44 Northport Ave, Barbabra Marshall, Emmet and Barlow's grandmother. I will paint her garden.
All summer I have been enjoying the gardens she loved and cared for, that later went on to be tended lovingly by her family. Now my family has become the caretakers and we know nothing about gardening. Neither of my thumbs are green. But I know one day they will be. Some how, living here these past few weeks, I have started to notice more the way flowers give. The children remind me to stop and smell the flowers daily. How did I ever get so lucky? The power of flowers is amazing. Searching for a certain color flower is an exercise in color recognition, counting how many buds the rose bush has is a math lesson, smelling the one full rose blossom is practice in taking turns and waiting. This garden is fabulous! Everyone is learning from it and enjoying it and loving it.
Thank you Barb~and the whole Marshall family~ I hope my painting makes you and all the Helping Hands families smile.
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