Friday, December 2, 2011

Orange Peels Potpourri

 Clementines are on sale!  Here at Helping Hands we save the peels, we dry them and then we take turns breaking them into tiny pieces.  This is a wonderful fine motor exercise by the way and is helpful in strengthening the same muscles you use to hold a pencil.  This aromatic activity is very popular presently; every child wants to have a turn doing this.

Once the orange peels are broken up we will begin the next step in making our holiday potpourri.  Then when the fir tree needles have all been snipped and the whole cloves ground up into powder; we will mix all the ingredients together! 

Next the children will prepare small satchels filled with the combination of yummy smells that they, together as a class community, helped to prepare.  These potpourri satchels will be small enough to fit in your children's pockets and treasured by their little hands.

This is a beautiful tradition taught to me by my son Max's wonderful kindergarten teacher.  I am grateful, especially every holiday season, for having been a student/parent/teacher at such a lovely Montessori school.  And I appreciate that from our children sharing their special school traditions, often family traditions are born.    
Blessed Be,

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