Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harvest Moon~ Halloween ~

Our school is a busy and happy place.  Autumn is my favorite time of year; the classroom reflects the colors of the season, golden orange, brilliant reds and warm browns decorate our shelves.  Your children share their enthusiasm for Halloween daily!  They live in the moment, these lovely little people.  Almost every day a new costume was being mentioned.  Really not many of them had an attachment to a certain costume; more they look forward to the pretending and the trickery.  Fooling us grown-ups with their clever disguises and silly voices makes them so happy.
I enjoyed and laughed along with several students who sang "Stirring the Brew" to Ado's Mommy, Susanne recently.  She gave them the reaction they desired, again and again jumping almost out of her seat when they would say, "BOO!" at the end of the song.   It was so fun and it made me think about our community and school family.  Here was a parent, hanging out a bit while her little boy transitioned and she engaged the other children by asking them about the familiar song, she knew they all knew.  Soon a small group of proud and joyful singers surrounded her, ready to share their song.   We were all laughing, it was so magical. 

Thank you to all who visited me here at school on Halloween evening.  What fun it was to see you out trick-or-treating!  Although VERY cold Halloween night was full of treats.      

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