Sunday, August 22, 2010


Helping Hands Family School will be having their first OPEN HOUSE Monday August 23rd
from 3:30 to 5:30.  All enrolled families are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  Should you be unable to make this event, please speak with Jennifer and arrange a time that you and your child can stop by and visit, before the start of school. 

OPEN HOUSE is an opportunity for everyone to meet one another, see the shared space and ask any questions you may have.  It's a time for the children to meet their teachers and classmates and to see their classrooms and playground. The Marshall family has offered to prepare veggies from their farm to share at Open House.  If you would like to bring snacks to share please let me know via phone or email.

While some materials have yet to arrive, most everything is in place and ready to be seen, played with and enjoyed!  My work this weekend is to organize the materials that have arrived and make this already beautiful space all that I've dreamed it would be. 
I am so excited and I hope all of you are also.

When you arrive Monday, you will be given a Family Folder that will contain an information sheet, a 'suggested items to bring to school' list, a photo release form, a brief parent survey and short list of what information I still need from you to complete your child's folder.  Please bring your signed contract with the $25 enrollment fee with you, Jenn will collect these and copies will be made so that this document can be added to your child's folder. 

It is my hope, once I figure out exactly how to do so, that I will be able to post the school calendar and handbook, here on this blog in PDF format so you can access the information you may need when you need it. 
Thank you for your patience~
Looking forward to Monday,
Jennifer Howard

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